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Normal size of median lobe of prostate

The defective genes were found to encode major molecular players leading to the normal size of median lobe of prostate lesions or factors that characterize these diseases. The exact role of the tau protein in the neurodegenerative process is still under debate. It is very important to understand the normal biological roles of tau and the specific events that induce tau to become neurotoxic.

Tau is the major microtubule-associated protein MAP of a mature neuron. These three MAPs perform similar function, promoting assembly and stability of microtubules. Tau protein was isolated as a microtubule-associated factor in the porcine brain. It was isolated as a protein that co-purified with tubulin and had the ability to promote microtubule assembly tratamentul prostatitei cu baralgin vitro.

Hyperphosphorylation of tau depress this biological activity of tau. Almost 80 diseases caused by missense mutations and intronic mutations in the tau gene have been found in familial cases of frontotemporal normal size of median lobe of prostate FTD. In other neurodegenerative diseases, there are similar deposits of tau, in the absence of extracellular deposits progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, argyrophilic grain disease, etc. Tau pathology is also often seen in some forms of Parkinson s disease PD and prion diseases.

In genetic forms of FTD, mutations in tau implicate abnormal tau as the initiation of neurodegeneration. In FTD, there are deposits especially in temporal and frontal lobes, regions that are very important for behavior and executive function. It is critical to understand how tau becomes pathogenic, in order to consider developing any strategies for treatment.

Cervical cytology is the most used screening method, but human papillomavirus HPV genotyping, alone or in combination with cytology, has gained ground during the last years.

Still, one of the major limitations of HPV-genotyping is the low specificity of HPV as a screening method in young women that are HPV-positive, but with no potential for future disease.

Obviously, there is a need for a better screening algorithm. The ideal screening test for cervical high-grade lesions should detect the effect of high-risk HR -HPV infection after cell transformation, but not before, and should accurately identify the cases that are more likely to experience disease progression to neoplasia.

Solid data regarding the benefit of immunocytochemistry in the evaluation of the patients with modified cervical cytology have been published recently.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

The use of the dual staining with p16INK4a and Ki could increase specificity of the method for the detection of atypical cells and may perform better in predicting the risk of high-grade dysplasia in the near future. Clinical and pathological features of splenic metastasis from cervical squamous cell carcinoma Madalina Lucia Marcu, Adrian Neacsu, Claudia Stoica, Nicolae Bacalbasa, Andreea Contolenco, Eugen Radu Isolated splenic metastases from squamous cell carcinoma SCC of the cervix are rare, with few cases reported in the literature.

BPH pe fondul prostatitei

We review here the main clinical and pathological findings in these patients, with emphasis on histopathological features. Because they are so rare, complex follow-up protocols for patients diagnosed with cervical SCC should exist because, if detected and treated, solitary splenic metastases seem to have a better prognosis than splenic metastases as part of a disseminated disease.

Neurobiological arguments for a pathogenic multifactorial disconnective model of cognitive disorders from Alzheimer s disease in elderly people Ileana Marinescu, Virgil Radu Enatescu, Stefan Mugurel Ghelase, Dragos Marinescu Incidence of Alzheimer s disease AD in people over 75 years is much higher, and the progression of cognitive deficit become faster, leading to a decrease of quality of life for patients and their families.

In this context, it is proposed a multifactorial pathogenic model of disconnected cognitive circuits, which is combined with genetic and vascular-cerebral vulnerability elements, allowing an aggressive progression of neurodegenerative factors, favoring onset of dementia. Data from research studies on animal model rat highlighted central role of cerebral cholinergic deficit which is amplified by cerebral ischemia on the background of apolipoprotein E4 ApoE4 genotype, favoring multifactorial disconnected mechanisms, by excess of beta-amyloid beta-A or increase of vascular dysfunction.

Depressive disorder, social stress and traumatic brain injury are favoring the excess in production of beta-A. Hippocampal structure disconnects the cognitive circuits, and from a neuropsychological point of view can be many patterns, which are correlated with neuroimaging hippocampal atrophy, cerebral siderosis, white matter hyperintensity, ventriculomegaly or biological hyperhomocysteinemia factors.

Identifying the pathogenic model of multifactorial disconnectivity in the rapid evolution of cognitive deficit in patients with AD may create the premises for an early diagnosis and treatment, based on the biological, neuropsychological and clinical elements.

Two hundred six of which were assessed normal size of median lobe of prostate IHC, using 6B6 and 43B2 specific antibodies followed by DNA-sequencing of positive cases and 10 already genotyped tumor tissues were also included to investigate debugging accuracy of IHC. Study on cognitive decline in patients diagnosed with brain tumors Simona Bondari, Dan Bondari, Mircea Pirscoveanu, Dan-Vasile Morosanu, Anca-Emanuela Musetescu, Valerica Tudorica, Denisa Floriana Vasilica Pirscoveanu Aim: The purpose of our study was to assess the cognitive performance in patients with primitive brain tumors and to analyze the cognitive status of these patients, correlated with histological type of brain tumors.

Patients, Materials and Methods: The study enrolled 52 patients diagnosed with primitive brain tumors, hospitalized in Neuropsychiatry Hospital of Craiova, Romania, from December to December According to the histological type of tumors, the patients were classified into three groups: Group A included 22 patients with meningioma, Group B composed of 16 patients diagnosed with glioblastoma, and Group C including 14 patients diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

Neurological examination, neuroimaging assessment [computed tomography CT or magnetic resonance imaging MRI for skulls] to diagnose primitive brain tumors, then the confirmation of clinical and histopathological diagnoses were performed for these patients. The results were statistically analyzed using the Student s t-test; p-values less than 0. Results: In terms of age, we did not observe statistically significant differences between the three groups of patients.

The group of patients with diffuse astrocytoma presented a higher educational level compared to patients with glioblastoma or meningioma. MoCA score obtained in glioblastoma group was The cognitive assessment using CAMCOG scale led to the following results: group of patients diagnosed with glioblastoma showed an average score of Conclusions: Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma showed a statistically significant cognitive decline in comparison to patients diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma p 0.

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Biomechanical and morphological peculiarities of the rectum in patients with obstructed defecation syndrome Ints Brunenieks, Katrina Pekarska, Vladimir Kasyanov, Valerija Groma The morphological and biomechanical peculiarities of the rectum observed in obstructed defecation syndrome ODS are not completely understood.

The biomechanical properties and morphological features of the rectum in patients with ODS in correlation with the status of the enteric nervous system ENS were evaluated. Uniaxial tensile tests on the rectum samples of patients with ODS and controls were performed; collagenous constituents were assessed by Reticulin and Masson s trichrome stainings; the expressions of alpha-smooth muscle actin alpha-SMAS and CD labeling of interstitial cells of Cajal ICCs were investigated by immunohistochemistry.

In both groups, the ultimate stress in the posterior rectal wall was statistically significantly higher compared to the anterior one.

Un diapazon de devieri, în anumite limite de la indicii statistici, neînsoțite de dereglări funcționale — forma cea mai frecventă din punct de vedere statistic.

The ultimate strain was higher in ODS compared to controls. The tangential modulus of elasticity was significantly higher in the control group than in the ODS one, both in the anterior and posterior walls. A significantly higher density of collagen demonstrated throughout the wall was evidenced in controls compared to ODS.

The mucosal muscular compartment was significantly thicker but more disorganized in the patients group. The enteric Spositive glial cells were significantly reduced in number in the anterior wall, but elevated in the posterior wall of the rectum in ODS simultaneously demonstrating the higher numbers of ICCs within the entire muscular layer and myenteric. The biomechanical and morphological results show that the rectal wall in patients with ODS is more deformable and less rigid compared to controls.

The results of biomechanical properties and morphological changes in the human rectum are essential when choosing the method of ODS treatment. Spatiotemporal expression of extracellular matrix components during the chondrogenic and osteogenic phases of bone healing Moyses Messias Souza de Sant Anna, Luiz Alberto Batista, Thais Cristina Mendes da Silva, Liszt Palmeira Oliveira, Jorge Jose de Carvalho In this study, we investigated the cascade of events involved in the early phases of bone healing in rats, especially the transition from chondrogenesis to osteogenesis, which involves cellular and extracellular matrix ECM components.

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We used a standardized closed tibial fracture model in Wistar rats, which was divided into nine groups of five animals each, and the fracture area was evaluated at 0, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, and hours post-injury. Histological, histochemical, immunohistochemical and morphometric techniques were used to evaluate the proliferating cell nuclear antigen PCNAtransforming growth factor-beta TGF-betavascular endothelial growth factor VEGFtype I procollagen procoll-Itype I collagen coll-Iand type II collagen coll-II expression at every time point.

TGF-beta expression peaked after hours, in the initial chondrogenic phase. VEGF expression reached the first peak at hours post-injury, in the initial chondrogenic phase and the second peak at hours, in the osteogenic phase. Except at 48 hours, PCNA expression increased gradually from 12 hours and peaked at 96 hours in the prechondrogenic phase, and then decreased gradually until hours in the osteogenic phase.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

Total collagen T-coll and coll-II reached an expression peak at hours, in the chondrogenic phase. No differences were observed between their expression from 12 hours to 72 hours and at hours post-injury.

The results suggest that spatiotemporal expression of ECM components during the chondrogenic and osteogenic phases of bone healing depends on several combined and orchestrated factors. A better understanding of the coordinated participation of cells and ECM components in the early bone healing process may provide new insights into the normal size of median lobe of prostate of abnormal or delayed fracture healing. The aim of this paper is the possibility of differentiating the bone lesions from hematological malignancies by other malignancies that give bone metastases for the purpose to guide the clinician concerning causality of bone lesions.

The research involved a retrospective study, which included cases that were investigated by magnetic resonance imaging MRI at a segment of the spine, between andfrom which were diagnosed with a form of hematological neoplasia, and the remaining had another form of cancer. Imaging aspect differs in normal size of median lobe of prostate two study groups.

Bone determinations due to malignant hemopathies MH were in general hypointense on T1-weighted sequences, iso- or hyperintense on T2-weighted sequences. On the other hand, bone metastases were hypo- or isointense on T1-weighted sequences, and had no specific signal intensity on T2-weighted sequences.

In post-contrast images, all lesions showed contrast enhancement, with some differences. In terms of imagistic aspect, there are certain characteristics that can make a clear differentiation between bone determinations due to MH from the bone metastases, and some normal size of median lobe of prostate found in the majority of the cases studied.

The present study aims to compare the difference in pathology, blood gas values and biomarkers of two acute lung injury rat models at different time intervals.

In the experiment, rats were randomly s-a vindecat cineva de prostatita cronica into three groups: lipopolysaccharide LPS group, oleic acid OA group and control group. Changes of pathology, blood gas values and blood-air barrier biomarkers were analyzed at 15 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours after injection.

BPH pe fondul prostatitei

The results showed that the two models exhibited different features. Compared with the LPS rats, OA rats exhibited significantly severe pathological changes, lower arterial oxygen partial pressure PaO2 value and higher level of injury biomarkers. This study suggests that LPS-induced model has greater value in researches on microcirculation dysfunction and sepsis resulting from ALI, while OA-induced model has greater repeatability in area of gas exchanging after ALI.

These events may provide a new theoretical evidence for the model establishment of ALI. Comparing the antifibrotic effect on the liver of Telmisartan and Pentoxifylline, in a Wistar rat experimental model Floriana Elvira Ionica, Laurentiu Mogoanta, Simona Normal size of median lobe of prostate, Ludovic Everard Cu prostatita ce ajuta, Oana Mariana Cristea, Oana Badea, Cornelia Bejenaru Chronic liver diseases are characterized by higher or lower changes of the liver lobe architecture parenchymatous and vacuolarthe accumulation of inflammatory and collagen infiltrates, mainly in the Kiernan spaces and a progressive evolution to liver cirrhosis.

Despite the progresses made in knowing the mechanisms of liver fibrosis and the development of some antiviral drugs with a high potential, that can induce fibrosis regression, there still continues to exist the need for a specific antifibrotic treatment. The antifibrotic action of the two drugs was analyzed by evaluating the histopathological and immunohistochemical changes of hepatocytes, hepatic stellate cells Ito cells and macrophages Kupffer cells.

The study highlighted that in the group treated with TS, the process of fibrillogenesis was significantly reduced, in comparison to the group treated with PTX and with the reference group. A 3-Nitropropionic acid 3NP irreversibly inhibits mitochondrial complex II in the electron transport chain, with subsequent loss of transmembrane potential and calcium entry into the mitochondria.

The expression of OPN in the striatum of 3NP-treated rats was investigated with immunohistochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy. In the striatal lesions, extensive loss of neurons and white matter bundles was detected.

OPN was mainly detected in normal size of median lobe of prostate penumbra region of the 3NP lesion. Scattered OPN expression was colocalized in the striatal neurons.

After Alizarin Red S staining, the increase of calcium deposition was detected in the striatal lesions. In the electron microscopic analysis, the localization of OPN was clearly observed in the ultrastructure of mitochondria by immunoperoxidase and immunogold-silver staining techniques.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

Taken together, present findings suggest that calcium-induced mitochondrial swelling is highly associated with OPN expression. Thus, striatal calcium accumulation may be derived from 3NP-induced alteration in mitochondrial calcium homeostasis and pathologically associated with the induction of OPN protein. The tyrosine kinase inhibitors effects on metastatic tumor graft in the chick chorioallantoic membrane assay Alexandru Ciolofan, Octavian Marius Cretu, Stelian Stefanita Mogoanta, Eduard Mihai Ciuca Background: Due to its heterogeneous nature, pancreatic cancer has a higher incidence and a clinical treatment failure.

In this study, we present the effects of Avastin, Rapamycin and their combination on the pancreatic liver metastatic human tumor graft in the chick chorioallantoic membrane CAM assay. Materials and Methods: We conducted this study with 33 fertilized chicken eggs, incubated at 37 degrees C, divided into three working groups: control three eggsfirst 10 eggssecond 10 eggsand third group 10 eggs. A cell suspensions derived from human liver metastasis of pancreatic tumor were implanted on the CAM, in the ring.

Results: Our results showed that the unique treatment with Avastin gave rise to metastases on CAM xenograft, due likely to inflammatory infiltrate and vascular remodeling. Conclusions: The inhibitory therapy with mechanistic target of Rapamycin mTOR and Avastin may favor the epithelial to mesenchymal transition by podoplanin and phosphatase and tensin homolog PTEN pathways in liver metastasis pancreatic graft to CAM.

The aim of this study was to identify the differences in gene expression profiles analyzing a panel of candidate genes in the mucosa from patients with active CD CD-Apatients in remission CD-Rand normal controls.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

Patients, Materials and Methods: Nine individuals were enrolled in the study: six CD patients three with active lesions, three with mucosal healing and three controls without inflammatory bowel disease IBD seen on endoscopy.

All the individuals underwent mucosal biopsy during colonoscopy. Gene expression levels of 84 genes previously associated with CD were evaluated by polymerase chain reaction PCR array. Conclusions: Our data suggest that CCR1 gene may be a putative marker of molecular activity of Crohn s disease.

Following these preliminary data, a confirmation in larger cohort studies could represent a useful method in order to identify new therapeutic targets. The quantification of the results was done using the final staining score FSSwhich took into account the number of labeled cells and the intensity of immunoreactions. For all the receptors, the FSS values corresponding to the high-grade serous carcinomas were significantly superior compared with low-grade carcinomas and borderline tumors.

normal size of median lobe of prostate

Also, the FSS values associated with advanced stages ovarian tumors were significantly superior compared to those in the initial stages. In this study, we found positive linear correlations between the values associated with the expression of EGF receptors.

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However and to the best of our knowledge, no previous report has analyzed CDX2 expression in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma receiving neoadjuvant therapy NAT. This study has enrolled 57 patients receiving chemotherapy for locally advanced gastric carcinoma.

Results: On follow-up, Twenty-three We found a statistically significant association between CDX2 expression and poor regression with NAT, but we found no association with outcome. Our results have not confirmed the association with prognosis shown in previous reports. Conclusions: Despite these preliminary results, furthermore studies are necessary to define the potential use of CDX2 in gastric carcinoma.

This is the most common type of prostatitis. It shares many of the same signs as bacterial prostatitis. The difference is that when Missing: null. La próstata es una glándula pequeña en los hombres. Es parte del sistema reproductor del hombre.

Recent studies suggest that using the fluorescence photodynamic diagnosis PDD significantly improves diagnostic sensitivity with a positive influence upon the recurrence rate of bladder cancer. Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic efficiency and long-term influence upon the tumor recurrence rate for patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer NMIBC undergoing hexaminolevulinate PDD compared to standard WLC.

Patients, Materials and Methods: We performed a cross-sectional study on mothers and their newborns, evaluated in an Obstetrics and Gynecology Tertiary Hospital from Romania. Also, the null genotype of GSTM1 gene normal size of median lobe of prostate in both mothers and newborns was associated with a higher birth weight.

Modified Whipple-Child pancreaticoduodenectomy with anastomosis on jejunal loop in continuity. Case presentation: This study is a prospective study conducted between and in Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Center of Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania, where 57 modified Whipple-Child CPDs with anastomoses on jejunal loop in continuity were performed, in patients with periampullary tumors.

Twelve patients, who had undergone prior biliodigestive derivations or biliary drainage using endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography ERCPwith stenting of the common bile duct, were excluded from the study. In normal size of median lobe of prostate patients with modified Whipple-Child CPDs with anastomosis on jejunal loop in continuity, which were included in the study, overall morbidity rate was Postoperative mortality within 30 days after the surgery was 6.

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The mean operative time was minutes, ranging between and minutes. Conclusions: Modified Whipple-Child CPD with anastomoses on jejunal loop in continuity seems to be a therapeutic method promising a decreased overall morbidity rate and a good quality of life and offering a distant survival rate, which is consistent, so far, with data reported in the literature. Presentation of surgical technique and preliminary observations on 45 patients PDF The aim of this study was to identify the differences at gene expression level of a panel of candidate genes in mucosa from patients with active UC UCApatients in remission UCRand normal controls.

Patients, Materials and Methods: Eleven individuals were enrolled in the study: eight UC patients four with active lesions, four with mucosal healing and three controls without inflammatory bowel disease IBD seen on endoscopy.

Speman cu prostată congestivă Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men age. More than 70 percent of men over the age of 60 have urinary symptoms attributable to BPH. What are the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia? Adenomul de prostata, numit si hipertrofia prostatica benigna este cea mai sale complicatii se stabilesc de catre medicul specialist urolog in urma examinarii. Hiperplazia benigna de prostata HBP — cunoscuta si ca marirea glandei prostate hipertrofia benigna de prostata sau adenom de prostata.

Gene expression profile was evaluated by polymerase chain reaction PCR array, investigating 84 genes implicated in apoptosis, inflammation, immune response, cellular adhesion, tissue remodeling and mucous secretion. Results: Seventeen and three genes out of 84 were found significantly differentially expressed in UCA and UCR compared to controls, respectively. Conclusions: ISG15, that plays a key role in the innate immune response, seemed to be specifically associated to the UC remission state.

These preliminary data represent a starting point for defining the gene profile of UC in different stages in Romanian population. Identification of genes implicated in UC pathogenesis could be useful to select new therapeutic targets. Changes of desmin expression pattern in the myocardium of patients with alcoholic dilated cardiomyopathy Ruxandra Camelia Deliu, Alexandru Radu Mihailovici, Ionica Pirici, Cristiana Eugenia Simionescu, Ionut Donoiu, Octavian Istratoaie, Tudorel Ciurea Introduction: It has been suggested that desmin cytoskeleton remodeling may contribute to the progression of dilated cardiomyopathy and might affect long-term prognosis.

This study is aiming at evaluating desmin expression in cardiomyocytes from patients with dilated cardiomyopathy of alcoholic etiology in advanced stages of the disease and comparing the results with measurements of normal heart tissue from control patients. Materials and Methods: For immunohistochemistry, sections normal size of median lobe of prostate 36 myocardium fragments taken from left ventricle of dilated cardiomyopathy patients were immunolabeled with an anti-desmin antibody and negative control slides were obtained by omitting the primary antibody.

We calculated the ratios between the areas of myocardiocytes and the length and number of A dark disks and assessed the desmin expression level as the integrated optical density IOD and, respectively, the total areas of the signal given by immunolabeling.